mardi 17 juin 2008

Holly, You're an Oxymoron.

This was my mother's exclamation when attempting to fill in the afformentioned form. I left it to her, she thought I was being a drama queen about it - but no! It really was that hard. Apparently I'm the most disorganized control freak who likes my own company but gets lonely. Quel Dommage.
I've been made to seem like the most boring person alive, but on the other hand, at least they're not going to get the impression that I'm bubbly. Gross. I didn't know how to explain my idea flat mate. I was thinking of people I already know and love and things about them but that was just too hard! You only get one of each person.
I don't want these people.

Anyway, yesterday was a stressy day. I went to college and couldn't find anyone. Hetty had taken the day off to finish some work and so I spent time in the IT centre. Finishing an essay which Vance told me read like a giant wikipedia entry. Charming. I came home and taught some piano, and then I had a 2 hour long singing lesson in preparation for my Grade 8 exam today. I was clearly in an obsessive mood yesterday and straight after singing, at 9pm, I did a five mile run followed by some pilates. I don't know where it came from, but despite lack of food, I was totally energized.

Afterwards I watched Mary Queen of Shops with mes parents. It was quite good and I liked the end result, my favourite part however, was when they visited Colette in Paris. It just made me so excited, can't wait to live there. You all have to come visit me!

Today is the dreaded singing exam, I only have a little bit of a cold which is an improvement on last year's swollen glands, but I'm going to need a serious warm up. Wish me luck!

♥ Holly

mardi 10 juin 2008

Is there a box for Princess Syndrome?

Last night I was 15 minutes late in picking Hope up from Brownies. It was just one thing wrong after another. I had no petrol, Emma and I were trying to decide on our ice lollies, and then when finally making it to the hell hole of Laurencekirk finding out only one car could fit down the main road at a time! We eventually had to stop and ask for directions and finally found the soft play area next to the dump and what looked like an abandoned warehouse. Charming. I felt bad though, it's terrible to be the last person picked up. I need to get more organised or else I'll be a terrible mother. Luckily my sister was sweetened up with some chips and some photo taking and we sped back to civilisation.
My darlings are all off to Malia in Greece this week, hopefully you're all having a fabulous time and I'm excited to see you when you get back.

On Saturday I got my accommodation application pack through for university halls for September. However, I find the form I have to fill in ridiculously brief; I have to summarise my personality in three tick-boxes.
The provided are; Quiet, Outgoing, Friendly, Night person, Morning person and Tidy. Hardly complex. If you don't find that you as a person are fully covered by these options, there are two spaces for your own suggestions.
There are eight leisure interests that it is possible for you to have, these include; going to pubs, going to concerts, going to parties - you get the idea.
I almost feel as though I should write an accompanying essay to describe myself. I couldn't handle going down there and having to spend a year in a flat with people I can't bear and who may be expecting something different to the Outgoing ✓ Friendly ✓ Morning person ✗. I personally don't feel I can limit myself to three ticks.

I had a singing competition yesterday, hilarious for the usual, obvious reasons. I didn't do my best, but the adjudicator was a patronising old woman; overly expressive regarding music and completely pretentious. Nothing new then.
I parked in possibly the worst space ever yesterday, I don't know why Hetty and I thought it was quite so spectacular and I sort of tapped the next car's mirror. But I swear, my driving has improved!

Today I went to Jenna's and we watched The Devil Wears Prada. I love that movie, I want to be just like Miranda when I'm old, but only for her hotness. Probably don't want to be quite so much of a bitch. I love how New York looks, and I want to be in Paris every time I see the Eiffel Tower sparkling!

Oh, and I'm so proud tonight. I cooked something that wasn't from a recipe that people not only found edible, but actually liked. I basically just couldn't cook - until now!

♥ Holly

vendredi 6 juin 2008


My beautiful shoes came yesterday. I was just driving out of my street when the DHL van drove past me. I hastily attempted a three point turn, but time was running out; I abandoned the car and ran back to my house. The driver got out of the car and I said: "This is totally my house! You have my shoes!". He just laughed.
The were packaged exquisitly, black tissue paper and monochrome ribbons. When I opened that perfect pink box, my heart was beating so fast. I almost forgot to read the cheesy gift-card I'd put in for myself!
This evening I wore them to clean my room. For such a vertiginous pair of shoes they're super comfy, however, it's going to take a little bit of getting used to walking almost completely on my tip toes.

It's been quite a week for shoes with Hetty buying 4 pairs! My favourite being white patent, blue gingham high tops. They're gorgeous.

I'm kind of crazy stressed right now trying to learn songs for the singing festival next week and my grade 8 the following week. Why am I such a procrastinator?!

♥ Holly